Exchange/Return and Exchange Policy:

We make sure to provide complete satisfaction to our buyer’s desire. Every day we struggle to understand the reliability of our customers. However, there will be any issues occur that require an exchange/ refund and return method, we are here to serve you. The particular reasons, where the condition applied are listed below: 

30 Days Easy Return Policy:

Within 30 days, the condition of exchange and refund policy can be applied. But it requires some necessities that are mentioned underneath:

  • The product must be in the original shape, color, size, and other classifications the same as we delivered to the buyer. 

  • The product’s state must be unused, and the tag is still at the place where it should be hemmed. 

  • If the issue occurs from our side, the policy will be applied genuinely for your satisfaction. 

  • After 30 days from the shipment, we are not responsible for any kind of dissatisfaction or faulty issues. 


Rules For The Hassle-Free Exchange/ Refund and Return Amenity:

There are some necessary rules and regulations that must be followed by the purchasers. Here it is raised below:

  • If the customer orders more than one comparable item, the policy will not apply due to the misuse of individuals. 

  • The orders are not refundable and exchangeable if the pack.age is customized

  • The customer will be responsible for paying the cost of shipping and also liable for further postal costs. Because we shipped free of cost that is not free for us. 

  • Our label must be hemmed. If it will be expelled in any condition the exchange/ refund and return policy will not apply legally. 

  • If the request for exchange/ refund and return appears after 24 hours, the appraisal will not be entertained by our team. 

  • After sending the product, our inspection team surveys the originality of the product’s shade, fabrication, and size. As per the survey conclusion, our experts refer to confirm or not the request of your exchange/ refund and return.    

Still have any queries? Then feel free to email us at: [email protected]  

Our Experts will not entertain and have no legal rights to provide an exchange/ refund and return if the following conditions have appeared: 

  • You placed the order unintentionally.

  • The alteration has been done on the product by the purchaser. 

  • The end of 30 days duration.

  • You change your perspective about the received product. 

The customers are able to claim a refund if the product is not delivered within 20 business days. 

Return Policy

Our professionals investigate the product that is exchanged/refunded and returned by the buyer. After checking on the eligibility of the products which are mentioned above, we conclude whether to approve the request or not. Once it is confirmed, we provide the RMA code to the customer, necessary to attach to the product’s delivery box.

Exchange Policy

If the problem occurs on our side, then feel free to avail yourself of the best opportunity to exchange the product. This will be eligible within 30 days after the order is received.  

Cancellation Of The Order

The request for the cancellation of your order will be entertained if it is made within 24 hours after shipment. We offer to refund the whole amount to the customer’s respective bank account. But, if the customer still wants to cancel the order, the following rules will apply:

  • Cancellation after 24 hours refers to the direct deduction of 30% from the paid amount. 

  • Cancellation within 3 days may conclude the deduction of 50% from the buyer’s paid amount. 

  • After 3 days of confirmation, there will be no cancellation policy applied.   

Surcharge/ Customer Duties

Every region has different import duties, rules, regulations, and laws. To save our customers from any inconvenience we offer to ship free except the sanction areas. 

Restocking Fee

It is the legal fee which is a recovery cost of repackaging and shipping if the merchandise is returned to the organization. The total amount of restocking fee depends on the product’s size, weight, and type. 


If the state tax or charges are applied to the custom product, the buyer is responsible for fulfilling the responsibilities of their region, not the seller.