Protection of your privacy at Victoria Jacket

As much as we work hard to provide you with the best quality apparel at the Victoria Jacket, we work hard to make sure to protect your private data too. Our team of highly qualified professionals never let your data leak, nor do we sell it or rent it to anyone. So shopping from Victoria Jackets simply means great pleasure.

To know further about our Privacy Policy, read the below-mentioned information. 

The Required Information:

When you purchase anything from our website then to make the delivery possible we need to have some of your information. The pacific information that we further use to deliver the parcel.

The required information includes:

  • Your Name

  • Your ID Card Number

  • Your Email Address

  • Your Postal Address

  • Your Phone Number and etc

Purpose of collection:

Once you choose what you like, you take a step forward and order it. And while you place the order, there are definitely some mandatory steps that you have to follow. One of those steps is giving your authentic information, which is a requirement. Because once we receive the information only then we will be able to deliver your parcel. By utilizing that information we ship your parcel to your doorstep. The only purpose of taking this set of information from you is to make the delivery of your parcel possible. 

Access to the Information:

We only provide the access to your personal information to the selected ones, like the courier service or the staff who deal with the delivery process. Further, no one can have access to our valuable customer data. 

Sharing of Data With Third Parties:

At Victoria Jackets we make sure to maintain the trust of our valued customers. That is why when it comes to sharing, leaking, renting, or selling your personal data to any other third party, we never entertain this point. We never share it at any cost and always keep your provided private and safe. 

Retaining your data:

We retain your data until the completion of the delivery. After delivering your parcels successfully we discard the personal information of our customers. But information like your email is something that we keep. And further, we use it to keep you updated with all our exciting offers, Deals, Discounts, and much more. 

Cookies collection and usage:

In order to make your experience more amazing at the Victoria Jackets website, we use the power of cookies. So that whenever you revisit us we give you more options according to your preferences. 

But always remember that we take your permission before starting the collection of the cookies.