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The Gentlemen 2024 Outfits

The story of a film or a TV series may be arduous to keep in mind at times but the outfits from them become memorable. Victoria Jacket brings you The Gentlemen 2024 Outfits that can turn you into a fashion icon in just a blink.

This is an action-comedy series that has an engaging storyline and stylish outfits that captivated its fans at first glance. These Celebrity Jackets are fashionable and can transform your look in one go if you own them. Well, now you can get them at Victoria Jacket and add a trendy flair to your guise with them.

Beyond the interesting storyline and outstanding performances, This series is also a visual treat for the eyes. the show contains amazing cinematography that brings each scene to life.

This is an interesting show that has become famous in a very short time. The actors not only acted well in this series but also carried each outfit gracefully. At Victoria Jacket, we have a huge variety of outfits that can be a complete game-changer when it comes to styling and dressing up well. So when you are selecting those outfits on our website, choose wisely which outfit would suit you according to your personality and fashion taste.

In this series, the blue-blooded Eddie Horniman inherits the family estate, he finds out that it’s home to a gigantic weed empire, and its owners are not going anywhere. However, Theo James has played the character of Eddie Horniman and is the protagonist of this series.

Theo has flaunted each on-screen outfit like a pro. If you want to get those outfits, you can go and check out the Gentlemen Theo James Wardrobe on our website and choose what’s best for you.

On the other hand, Kaya Scodelario is the second lead and has depicted the character of “Susie Glass” in this series. Like Theo James, Kaya has also expertly showcased each on-screen outfit in this series. If you desire to own those outfits, go and check out the Kaya Scodelario Outfits collection on Victoria Jacket.

Theo James donned the The Gentlemen 2024 Theo James Black Coat in the funeral scene. This black coat is made up of high-quality wool blend fabric that provides immense warmth to you for an endless period. However, Theo styled this black coat by mingling matching pants, a white button-up shirt, and a black tie creating a sophisticated look.

If you want to update your wardrobe with some stylish and modern clothing, must go for The Gentlemen 2024 Theo James Jacket which has a fashionable look catering to your fashion needs. This jacket is made up of pure cotton fabric which is ideal for both winter and fall.

If we talk about what Kaya Scodelario donned in this series, there are many attire that she slayed. one of the best outfits she wore in this series is the Kaya Scodelario The Gentlemen 2024 Red Velvet Blazer. she styled this blazer by merging a red button-up shirt and matching pants creating an enticing look. She further added a belt around her waist completing her look. Moreover, this blazer is crafted out of impeccable velvet giving you a luxurious feel on each wear.

One more ravishing outfit that Kaya wore in The Gentlemen is the Kaya Scodelario The Gentlemen 2024 Brown Fur Coat. This coat is manufactured of wool-blend fabric that ensures the ultimate warmth 24/7. However, Kaya styled this coat by mixing a printed button-up shirt and blue pants creating a fashionable look.

Chanel Cresswell has played the character of Tamasina Horniman in this series. Chanel is not only a beautiful woman but also a brilliant actress. She flaunted the The Gentlemen 2024 Chanel Cresswell Black Fur Coat in the funeral scene of The Gentlemen. Chanel styled this fur coat by pairing a black mini-dress with it slaying a killer look.

In the same scene, Joely Richardson as “Lady Sabrina” donned The Gentlemen 2024 Joely Richardson Black Belted Coat. She wore a veil on his face and purple gloves with her outfit completing her look. However, this black coat has a fur collar and cuffs making it even more beautiful. So if you want to get all these outfits, go and check out The Gentlemen 2024 Merchandise on our website.

If we talk about the other outfits of this series, there are several finest options available. Everything exists in this clothing collection, from sophisticated outfits to modern clothing items. Add these wardrobe staples to your closet, and acquire the most ravishing casual and semi-casual fashion.

This collection gives rise to sophisticated wear that goes well for all occasions. Moreover, the huge variety will allow you to buy your favourite apparel with the correct material and size. For this purpose, take the right body measurements before placing your order.

Or if you are going to attend a formal event or an official meeting, you can go for the Theo James The Gentlemen 2024 Brown Suit which is manufactured of the finest material and attention to detail. So pair your favorite shirt and tie with this suit and create a mesmerizing look. Or you can also go for The Gentlemen 2024 Giancarlo Esposito Blazer if you are looking for another option to slay the look.

However, if you are looking for something lightweight yet cozy to spend your winters with, go for The Gentlemen 2024 Susie Glass Plaid Coat which can keep you warm without sacrificing style.

Each character of this series has their dressing style and the way they carry them. So buy these outfits at Victoria Jacket, wear them, and walk on the streets of your city with confidence and style.


We guarantee durability and classiness in all of our The Gentlemen outfits. With that being said, spend on these outfits and flaunt them your way, especially by staying within your budget.


  • Why Does Everyone Want To Get Merchandise Based On This TV Show?
    Because all the outfits from this TV show are versatile and fashionable. They are also trending these days.
  • Who are the main Characters in This Series?
    Theo James and Kaya Scodelario are the main characters of this series.