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Video Game Costumes Collection

It doesn’t matter whether it is a kid, a teen, or a young adult, video games have always been a craze for all gaming lovers. Gamers are not only crazy about video games but also influenced by the costumes used in them and have the desire to get a chance to wear them. Well, to fulfil your wish, Victoria Jacket brings you a huge collection of  Video game costumes.

We produce Popular video game outfits with high-quality material and great hard work which can be clearly seen. Therefore, if you want to buy those costumes, go and check out our video game outerwear category.

Some of the action-adventure games include Devil May Cry, Cyberpunk 2077, Payday 3, and the Resident Evil franchise that gamers from all over the world love to play. All of them are action-adventure games and have engaging storylines. These video games are not only famous for their graphics and gameplay, but gamers are also crazy about the costumes used in them.

In the game, Devil May Cry 5, Dante is one of the main characters and is very famous for his features and the Devil May Cry 5 Dante Coat that he flaunts in the game. The game starts when Dante gets attacked by a mysterious lady called Trish. They fight with each other in Dante’s office and he impresses her by easily knocking her down. He then tells her that he has beaten demons to catch those people, who murdered his mother and brother.

Similarly, Cyberpunk 2077 is also an action-adventure video game that gained a lot of popularity in a very short time. This video game is very famous for the appearance of Keanu Reeves as “Johnny Silverhand” in it. His appearance has surprised and excited the fans by seeing him graphically in this game.

The main character of this game is V, who is under a contract with Jackie Welles to steal a foremost piece of technology from the Arasaka Corporation aka “Chip of Immortality”, invented by Dexter Deshawn. Both of them give their best to steal this piece of technology but unfortunately, all their planning fails due to the sudden death of Jackie. After meeting Dexter, V is abandoned and left to die in a landfill, but somehow, he manages to survive, probably because of the chip of mortality. He is afraid of the digital ghost called “Johnny Silverhand”.

We have picked the Cyberpunk 2077 Idris Elba Coat from this game and created this outfit with great professionalism and keen efforts to serve our customers the best. This Idris Elba coat makes its wearers’ personality assertive and powerful. This coat is best for Cosplay costumes for gamers.

Other than that, it is an open-world video game that has a lot of amazing options such as character customization, the way they want it according to their playing style. Besides, there are many ways to complete quests and objectives in this game. One of the awesome features of this game is the non-English language that the characters communicate with throughout Night City.

The game features dynamic weather, which means that as you proceed in the game, day turns into night, and then night turns into the daytime. This feature gives the game a realistic feel.

This game is a first-person game, but the players can switch to a third-person perspective when they drive a vehicle in it.

The players of this game are also given skills such as hacking, crafting specific weapons, and much more. This game also provides perks that can be unlocked in different ways making the game more engaging and interesting for its players. On the character creation screen, the player can choose any gender that they want and can customize it in their own way. The character customization is not limited till here, but if the player chooses a character for playing the game, they can even choose a voice according to their choice. This player customization includes face, hair, outfits, makeup, piercing, tattoos, and more.

There is also the dialogue selecting option which allows a person to respond to a specific dialogue in the game within a few seconds before the time runs out. What happens is that a dialogue appears on the screen, and the player is given multiple options to respond with. Nonetheless, they have a limited time to do so, usually 10 seconds. Otherwise, the time will run out, and automatically one of the dialogue options will be selected and the story will be continued according to that option.

Similarly, the scanning option makes the game convenient for its players and helps them progress. The scanning mode is a sign that changes its color according to the nature of different stuff in the game as you aim at them. For example, if you aim at an enemy, the mouse pointer turns red and you get notified about it. The mouse pointer turns blue when you aim at an interactive object and turns green when an object is hackable.

Besides, as you enter a vehicle, you can drive it just like a real one. You can even change the angle of the camera while driving a vehicle allowing you to take a look at your surroundings.

This game also has a fast travel option which means you can simply select an area on the map where you want to travel, and it will bring you to that place within seconds. This option is called “Fast Travel Feature”.

Other than that, the player can move freely, take a look at their surroundings, crouch, run, jump, and slide just as they want.

Payday is also a first-person shooter game that is very popular among action lovers. The third part of this game takes place when the Payday Gang leaves the world of crime and departs their ways from each other. Nonetheless, due to being double-crossed and becoming penniless, this badass gang steps into the world of crime once again.

The main character of this game is Nathan Dallas whose age is 54 years. He wears a mask with the American flag printed and a Payday 3 Dallas Nathan Brown Costume Coat on it while executing robberies. It is the latest crime-thriller game which was released on 21st September 2023.

Talking about these video games, how can we forget to talk about the famous gaming franchise Resident Evil and the costumes used in the game? There are many appealing jackets that one of its main characters Leon Kennedy wore in different parts of this game such as the Leon Kennedy Resident Evil 4 Remake Jacket. The good news is that we have created an identical wear of this jacket and offered it at Victoria Jackets which you can easily buy at a reasonable price. We have created this jacket with real leather by attaching a shearling lining underneath it to make it super warm and comfortable for its wearers. Also, it has a beautiful shearling collar that enhances its appeal.

So these were some of the Gaming character outfits that we have on our website which you can go and check out on Victoria Jackets.

However, if you want some Gamer cosplay ideas with the top layers we just mentioned above, you can dress up with them by dressing up in the same outfits as they did in the games. So go and check out our category and choose whichever you want according to your choice and style!


  • Can I wear the Payday 3 Dallas Nathan Coat at Formal Events?
    Of course, you can wear it at both formal and semi-formal events. In other words, this Payday coat is suitable for both occasions.
  • Is the Wesker Black Coat Suitable to Wear at a Costume Party?
    Absolutely yes. The best event to wear this Wesker Coat is to wear it at cosplay or costume parties with matching pants and boots.
  • Are these gaming costumes a limited edition at Victoria Jacket?
    No, they are not a limited edition, but we have a very limited stock of them left right now as they are high in demand. So make sure you get them before they get out of stock.