Shipping & Delivery Policy:

The Victoria Jacket provides a reliable shipping method and policy that ensures our customers make their shopping experience hassle-free with our team. We always make sure to reach the product at the right destination while respecting the time manners. 

Approximate Delivery Time & Process:

For the items you ordered, we ship the package within 8 to 10 working days either without modification or with minor customization. Please be advised that if an order requires significant customization, it may take a few more business days to complete..  

We ask customers to provide accurate addresses and other particular details to make the shipment more convenient. 

To enjoy the reliable shipping process, we use premium services such as DHL, FedEx and last but not least USPS. Our services are limited in the sanctions countries due to the law of UAE. But as soon as possible we will come across to this issue too.

Order Tracking Facility:

With our easy-to-use tracking method, stay tuned with each update of your product’s journey. To unlock this opportunity, a delivery date is required. 

Expedited Shipping Cost:

Just with the exceptional $30, we offer the amenity of express shipment to get the delivery done in the customer’s required period. It only takes 4 to 5 working days. 

Universal Shipping:

We shipped free of cost in the U.S., Canada, U.K., except in countryside areas. In some countries, there is a bit of shipping cost as per the tax duties. 

Victoria Jacket is not responsible for the deduction of any tax. It is purely a customer’s duty to have a sight and check on this postage cost. 

For further details email us at: [email protected]